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  • hardie karges 11:17 am on March 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Bolshevik Bernie Makes a Boo-boo: talking Coo-ba blues… 


    Mass transit in Santa Clara, Cuba, NOT recommended for tourists

    I know I know I know: Bernie’s not really a ‘Communist’, so to speak, not really, much less a Bolshevik, even if he DID say that we could learn a lot from Cuba and Nicaragua. He’s right. We could. BUT: that’s not Scandinavia, and their system of social welfare, which is what his electoral narrative is all about. Narrative does not equal truth. This is the definition of socialism, like it or not, as defined historically, as defined by Merriam-Webster:

    “A social system or theory in which the government owns and controls the means of production (as factories) and distribution of goods”.  Ouch. (More …)

    • Invisible Mikey 1:55 pm on March 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Jill Stein (Green Party) – fits your label of “social environmentalist”. You did say “any party”, right?

      • hardie karges 2:07 pm on March 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Sounds good, but, as with Bernie, many of those ideas are DOA. I prefer battles that can actually be won…

        • Invisible Mikey 4:41 pm on March 25, 2016 Permalink

          Lol – Any conflict is winnable. Just depends on how long you choose to alternate between fighting and retreats. That’s how we beat the Brits in the Revolution, and how the Viet Cong beat us!

        • hardie karges 6:38 pm on March 25, 2016 Permalink

          True enough, guess I’m a confirmed incrementalist and gradualist, takes more disciplined to stay on track, but also less disruptive if you can pull it off. I’m glad the concept of ‘socialism’ is back in play, just looking for a new updated version of it…

  • hardie karges 1:03 pm on December 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    The Other Human Wave: Yanqui Si, Cuba No… 

    Somewhat lost in all the hubbub over the refugee wave flooding Europe from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan (sound familiar?) is the fact that we’ve got our own little refugee problem right here in the USA. Remember those child immigrants washing up on the beaches of Texas from Central America last year, Guatemaltecos, Hondurenos, Salvadorenos, et al?

    Nasty spot of bother that, breaking the rules by turning themselves in on arrival to the waiting arms of police and gendarmes, begging for food and some succor, Yanqui suckers, hard to call them ‘economic migrants’ when they aren’t even working age, anchor babies born a decade too soon.

    We can add to that list now Cubanos, de tal, up until now content in their status as exiles-in-waiting, Guantanameros without benefits, now ready to bolt at the moment their island opens up for Gringo-turismo, get on board or get lost, serving mojitos and daiquiris, frijoles con arroz, everything but Batista and San Juan, Jesus and Little John…

    The deal is that they get residency on arrival in the US, no waiting no fuss, so easy path to legality for Rubio and Cruz, presidency optional if you got the (foot) balls or the bucks; so now Cubans with means take a flight to mainland America, Central or South, then work their way up by hooks and crooks, then declare themselves Cubans to the pinche migra in Laredo, easier than a ninety-mile swim… American dream on the half-shell… Welcome!

  • hardie karges 9:46 pm on February 22, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Fiel y Castro 

    Cuba’s good ol’ Faithful Reliable is looking a little beleaguered behind the whiskers these days, but what’s an old Communist to do?  Get capitalism after all these years?  Set up maquiladoras along the Florida Straits?  Vietnamese, except for Uncle Ho, were no-names.  East Germany, Romania, the Slav countries, even Russia itself, hardly a hero in the lot.  Castro is a NAME.  Cuba will probably have to await his funeral to make any political changes.  I’ll get there sooner or later.

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