Living in the Material World, a Dimension of Suffering—and Dance…

IMG_0379So if my analogies and metaphors prove timely and sufficient, and there really is a higher dimension of light (electromagnetism) analogous to heaven, definable and measurable, and there really is a lower dimension of gravity analogous to hell, definable and measurable, then what does this dimension, this dimension here—our human dimension—consist of, and how is it measured?

Continuing with our analogies and metaphors, and lacking the possibility for any exact truth, I’m guessing it’s a lot like sound, measurable as the speed of the sound wave, and easily definable as an accessible physical constant in our world, if not technically a ‘force’ (if we can understand it, then I don’t think it qualifies as a ‘force’):

In physicssound is a vibration that propagates as a typically audible mechanical wave of pressureand displacement, through a medium such as air or water—Wikipedia.

IMG_0387‘Mechanical’ is the important word for our purposes, for what is our world if not a world of mechanics? ‘Pressure’ and ‘displacement’ also define our circumstances and illustrate the previous physicist’s conundrum of ether, the idea that something must be there, everywhere, that vacuum as a normal state is simply not possible. This was also the problem of rocket science, that propulsion must push ‘against’ something, even if that ‘something’ is only air.

That’ll do, hence propellers flapping their little wings like birds in migration while heavenly bodies just look on smiling silently. And that’s as far as Newton got—physical forces with equal but opposite reactions. It took Einstein and others to break the consciousness barrier that would allow Brownian motion, photons as particles of light, curved space and ultimately: quantum mechanics, which makes no sense, but which has been proven over and over.

IMG_1588It makes no sense because it’s really describing a dimension—or two—beyond our common sense one of sound and percussion, probably even beyond the next higher dimension of light (electromagnetism), which we can intuit, and posit as a force, and on into something entirely different. ‘Percussion’: yeah, there’s that, too, the fun part of our dimension.

Ever seen a small child swinging hips and boogeying like there is no tomorrow? Yeah, they get it young, don’t they, the essential physical and mechanical nature of our existence, the eternal external dance that we call ‘life’? From there it’s all downhill, of course, as the innocence of dance becomes the cynicism of sex, and the bellies turn tricks to stay full (just joking)…

And with percussion comes repercussions, of course, Newton’s equal but opposite reactions, and their ramifications in the psychological world of human existence, tempting fate and cursing God, or cursing fate and tempting God. But here we are: low-flying angels or high-flying animals, ready to rock out as only we humans can, mechanical particle/waves propagating in a physical medium, not rare, a dimension of suffering, but also of dance—sounds good to me…