Song of the Summer: Time to Vote…

Every summer seems to have a song that defines it.  Last year it was certainly Pharrell’s ‘Happy’, of course, despite claims otherwise from Iggy Azalea or some other such nonsense.  Previous winners include Foster the People’s ‘Pumped-Up Kicks’, MGMT’s ‘Kids’, ‘Black and Gold’ from my favorite one-hit wonder Sam Sparro, and ‘Summer in the City’ from Lovin’ Spoonful back in the day, as they say.  This year is disturbing.

“I’m in Love with my Life” by Phases is making serious inroads on the indie charts this summer.  But what does it mean?  ‘I’m in love with myself?’  That’s what it sounds like to me.  On the other hand, my favorite indie song from the UK, ‘Ladybird’ by Beach Baby, sings in the refrain, “I don’t wanna live for nothing;” so who do you think defines the zeitgeist, and is better prepared for the changes about to take place on the surface of this planet that we call Earth, Tierra, Zameen, Prithvi, Bumi, Lokโลก, Shijie 世界you name it?

People are in motion; the great migrations that signal the end of civilizations have already begun, with people washing up on the shores of Greece, Italy, Australia and Thailand, washing up in boats operated by people smugglers, but washing up nonetheless, lining up to cross borders with dollars in hand and babies in tow, with nothing too much, so nothing much to lose…  Welcome to 460 A.D.

Meanwhile we in the developed world sit on our hands, not knowing what to do with them.  We are wealthy beyond belief, yet bored beyond recognition.  Eschatology does not develop in a vacuum.  Welcome to the future.