Meditating on Seinfeld

I find that the greatest obstacles to effective meditation are old Seinfeld episodes.  Remember George’s inadvertent mid-air ketchup squirt in the diner?  About the time I get into a good meditative groove, that image will re-surface every time, guaranteed.

You know, if you watch enough, you’ll see hidden connections between the different episodes, what I call the ‘Kabbala of Seinfeld.’  For instance, check out the one where George parks his car in the parking lot; you know, the one where pragmatic young ladies are doing their nasty business in the back seats of cars (hint: they’re not pooping).  Look at the lot manager’s face.  Now look at the little booth where he’s standing.

Now look at the episode where Kramer is doing his ‘Peterman Reality Tours’ and has to take Elaine’s muffin stumps to dump them out in the Garden State somewhere.  Look at the dump manager at the first dump to refuse Elaine’s muffin stumps.  Look familiar?  Now look at the little booth he’s standing by.  That’s right.  The dump is the parking lot, which is really a sound stage up in Burbank.  The way Seinfeld scripts are woven elaborately together is really a thing of beauty… unless you’re trying to meditate.  Ommmmm…..