Tweeting and Finger-Snapping and the Laugh-Track to Life

I tried to pay the market vendor in Tweets for his veggies, but he’s not buying it. So I offered him FB ‘likes’, but still no sale. Whazzup with that? Don’t they know that social media is currency in every major developed country?

Too bad the country folk tend to lag behind the city-dwellers. They’re probably skeptical after the Beat Generation’s finger-snapping applause failed to catch on. They won’t get fooled again…

Did you know that finger-snapping applause originated with the Romans? You heard it here first. They stomped their feet, too. Toga-flapping worked, anything to make a show of approval. Early French opera and theaters hired clappers to form a ‘clap-track’ accompaniment of sorts.

In Boulder in 1980, Gregory Corso lived in the apartment next door, drunk ranting raving and howling at the moon almost every night, but finger-snapping was long gone by then, though ‘digging it’ and ‘hipness’ still survive today.

“Many “Beat Poet” fans of the period now suffer from severe arthritic inflammation of the thumb and middle finger”- Urban Dictionary. Now that I did not know. What will Tweeters suffer from in the remote future?