Prayer might be more than just wishful thinking.

The similarity between DNA and language may be more than just coincidental. Species may actually get what they need, by hook or crook, words or visions, rather than just live or die by quirks of fate or a roll of the dice. This is what we all want, what we all really believe, deep down in our hearts, whether creationists or scientists, that there is something special about us as humans and that we have some role in creating and maintaining that specialness. Though maybe hesitant to cop to it, scientists would not be searching the heavens for other Earth-like planets, much less radio frequency signals, unless they thought this particular manifestation of biology were something divinely ordained and not just coincidence. Nevertheless, our culture defines us whether our DNA does or not, and is certainly more flexible and adaptable. This probably overrides all other considerations. Somehow I just don’t think they’ll ever find a ‘rocket science’ gene. We made all that up.