The current ascendancy of technology may not be sustainable,

at least in its worldwide imperialist form. It’s a house of cards; it can all crumble with the stock market. What’s left would be fragmented at best. The new mysticism will be different from the old mysticism. Withdrawal into medieval Gothic feudal structures probably won’t occur again. Withdrawal into an Internet-based labyrinth of conspiracy and paranoia would be more appropriate. You’ve got to keep abreast. The so-called ‘New Age’ may already be the new mysticism in the making. It could be one of light and science, rather than darkness and ignorance. Remember that the last Dark Age was a heyday for religion, then the new kid on the block in a classical world of law and empire. When the dollar lets you down, you revert to gold. When science and its cities let you down, you revert to religion, mysticism, and the land.