Many people want to know at what age you first had sex,

apparently taking great pride in having had sex the first time at an early age, as if that were a badge of honor or something. For others, the first contemplation of suicide was the rite of passage. My life started the night I looked up at the night sky and asked, “How far does it go?” “Infinity,” was the answer. “Then what comes next?” I remember that moment distinctly; it was good. Infinity is better than sex. Infinity is better than almost everything else. Infinity defines our dimension; infinity defines our existence. We’re the infinity animals, contemplating universes and imagining universals as fast and as hard as we can before it all goes away with the same puff of smoke in which it came. We’re the divinity animals, inventing gods and worshiping them with all our might and most of our maybes totally awash in the inner light of self-consciousness.