To reflect is human, to shine is divine.

While my dear is caught in the headlights of passing observers, quick with an opinion, slow with critique, I myself see myself all by myself reflected in a thousand tiny mirrors, my own judgmental eyes turned inside out, shining light into the darkest corners of my fortress personality. There are only two diseases from which all others derive- fear and ignorance. Fear of success is the hardest because success itself is illusive. I work myself to death for something that scares me to death. Strength comes from within, the inner strength of experience and discipline. Strength comes from without, the strength of nothingness, the strength of an individual warrior aligned in a synchronous way with the given universe, nature and culture holding hands under the moonlight, naked and trembling. The internal dialog is both blessing and curse, a constant companion who’s always there whether I like it or not. Feelings connect to feelings, the people behind them hidden by the interface. Emotions wear sunglasses to soften the glare and project a fashionable image for public consumption. I miss the home I never had, but that’s the hand I was dealt, I’m afraid. Loneliness is my best friend, there whenever I call, loyal to the end. Live every moment like it’s the last, because it is.