When the WTC towers fell a number was done on the American psyche.

At first I thought it was an attack on the American economy, as symbolized by the WTC itself. Admittedly a fifty-percent drop in stock prices would signal a whole new era in capitalism, or lack thereof, but that was not the most immediate effect. The most immediate effect was the splintering of the American psyche into a thousand tiny pieces, as if it weren’t ‘pluralistic’ enough already. Slowly the pieces polarize into those who see a declaration of war for a new crusade and those who figure that if we Americans didn’t instigate the attack ourselves, then at least we deserved it, or should accept responsibility for it. Out of the ashes of skyscrapers rises the phoenix of conspiracy, in which we’re all pawns in a game rigged by ‘them’, the unnamed masters of war and money. This is the world I know, planes crashing and towers falling. The Twin Towers fell like so many artificially inflated erections caught in a lie. They’ll all fall one day.