The cat goes upstairs while the dog stays down.

It’s a class system based on ability. The puppy can’t yet climb the stairs, so the kitten gets a break. Otherwise the kitten gets to play the role of chew toy for a growing puppy eager to flex his jaw muscles. This is the law of the ‘hood’; big dog bullies little cat. It’s different on the open savanna. There, the cats rule. Dogs don’t even show up, unless you want to count the scavenger hyenas. Dogs do better up north with their big bad ass cousins, the bears. Bears are a further evolution of the same family which produced the dog, like apes and monkeys, bigger and badder. Given their ability to function on two legs, it makes you wonder if they might not have become the most intelligent animals if apes hadn’t got there first. We talk about dinosaurs with awe and reverence as if that were a historical freak that could never happen again, given the modern tendency of land-based animals to be smaller, more adaptable, units. Whales are as big or bigger than dinosaurs ever were, but not quite as glamorous, their big blubber butts washed up on beaches in helpless prostration to the gods of ignorance, having made a wrong turn down a dead end or their sonar failing them. Everything seems more romantic in retrospective, though I doubt a couple of brontosaurs nibbling ferns were really so astounding. Could humans have co-existed with dinosaurs? Would we have driven them to extinction like all the others?