Motion is the natural state of the universe,

everything in continual orbit, gravitating between free fall to an unknown center and the outward expansion of the Big Bang. Maybe the dead don’t really die; they’ll just stop moving as the universe expands beyond them. Should the universe ever contract, they’ll stand up and go right back from where they came. And before anyone starts appealing to common sense, remember that we wouldn’t have reached the moon with common sense. Common sense only goes so far. It certainly isn’t common sense that the Earth revolves on an axis instead of a Sun God making daily rounds. Even common 3-D reality is largely an illusion, a matter of convention. In a flat land of cubic structures, it describes much. In a universe of irregular spheres in irregular orbits, it describes almost nothing. Accordingly, modern mechanics uses the dimensions of mass, length, and electrical charge, in addition to time. There may not be a light barrier, as Einstein implied, but you might have a hard time measuring anything faster, in this dimension at least. This is the dimension of light/electricity/magnetism. Gravity itself may be little more than something like static electricity doing spooky things at a distance. If only we could find the transfer particles. Common sense only applies in the narrow wavelengths and frequencies in which humans operate.