I pray for the world and all of its people.

I pray for the past, present, and future, the three dimensions that I inhabit. Space is simple, just the straightest line between two points. I pray just to be able to make a contribution to the process of self-fulfillment. I pray for the earth to survive the transgressions and trespasses of its most illustrious son, Heaven sent but Hell bent for some reason. According to the Green Bank Formula, if a technologically advanced society can’t last more than ten years without self-destruction, then there probably aren’t any more ‘out there’. If they can survive their own destructive impulses, then given the time that it took ‘us’ to develop as an average, then there are probably about a million more. And they’re probably a lot more advanced than we are, given our position as young upstarts on the outer edge of the insignificant Melk Veg. It sounds like a weed or something. Should we dumb ourselves down just to tempt fate into sparing us from annihilation at others’ hands? Self-extinction is probably not a concern, given our obsession with sex and year-round breeding habits. Oh, yeah. We’ve gotten some street smarts, also, in the process of changing our status from hunted to hunter. Now we just need to complete the transition from prey to prayer. There’s an entire level higher than street smarts and the law of the jungle out there. We just have to listen to those who’ve been there.