Now I just need a parallel reality,

and that never the twain meet. Half a world away, a full 180 degrees, lies another world ready and waiting, a tablet upon which to write, Peru, the flip side, the mirror image. Thailand is great for people with low self-esteem, but ultimately may be a dead end. Thais themselves tend to have low personal self-esteem for which they tend to over-compensate with a national superiority complex, notwithstanding their generally low ranking in many of the world’s important statistics, such as education, research, and development, etc. Peru seems to be the South American equivalent of Thailand, slightly bonkers, a relatively open society, and nice-looking women. Obviously I want both worlds, single and married, East and West. Maybe that’s one thing one can do in Thailand, as long as one defines the situation carefully. My ancestors followed cows across continents. So can I.