I like to feel light and free.

Show me a postal service box and a storage unit, and I’ll show you my life. That’s me. That’s America- have fun, will travel. The rest of the world is way behind on this. England is catching up, but slowly. Europe is a museum, bones in glass showcases. America is an action movie. Euro-trash ratchet their heads up fifteen degrees and wax hippo critical on America’s lack of cult-your, as if America should have five-hundred-year-old art when it’s only two hundred years old. They can wax my hairy ass. For modern kulcher, nobody kulches like America. They’re just jealous, all of them. America has been under a microscope since day one, people waiting for it to trip and fall. Nobody rags on Canada or Australia, but America went the distance, never looking back. Sometimes that’s what you’ve got to do. You’ve got to grow new leaves faster than the bugs can nibble your old ones.