Obsession with sex is seen variously as vulgar, nasty, or downright perverted,

but it’s definitely good for Evolution. Evolutionary success, after all, means reproductive success, nothing more and nothing less. Species don’t go extinct because of lack of food or water or clothing. They go extinct because they don’t reproduce fast enough. Thus was born the ancient expression “fuck you”. Love is a by-product, industrial waste, a wet spot on the bed, logic used to back-fill a gap in understanding that’ll never be bridged by conventional means. Considering that human populations have sextupled in the last three hundred years, I guess we’re doing pretty well. That ‘love’ shit really worked. Cancel the visual aids. Bring on the birth control. Bring on Islam; bring on the veil; bring on four jet planes flying at the speed of sound crashing headlong into skyscrapers and window-washers uttering oaths of communion to a God they expect to meet any moment now. The guys on the other side of the plane’s front window are saying the same thing, expecting to soon see all the virgins that they couldn’t see in high school, because they were all wearing veils. The God they worship and the Prophet who fingered him have no faces, either. It’s probably better that way. They won’t be able to see the mockery that’s been made of the universal Truths that they stand upon as foundations. When religions are no longer capable of teaching anything and are too flimsy to use as doorstops, they are best utilized as pretexts for good old-fashioned racism. The jihadis never figured that out, or did they? Where does the race lead if not perdition? Everybody can’t win, unless we all tie, bind ourselves to the same God, timeless and eternal, and leave the dirty work to the politicians.