The first word you need to know about driving in Thailand (no, the bird is not a word)

is MANIACS. The second word you need to know is PRAY. You need more than a good car to drive in Thailand. You need a good religion. Size rules; there is no other law. If some behemoth road machine wants to come down the wrong side of the road, then you have to pull over on somebody’s shoulder and let him pass. If you think you need to teach some incompetent driver a lesson, then first you should go return your car; then you should leave the country, immediately. You’ve been here too long. They say there are worse drivers in the world, but I wouldn’t want to witness it. They say that in Saudi Arabia, if a car wants to pass and you won’t pull over and let him, he’ll bump you, all the while driving at 100mph down the road. If you want to know what a person or a people are like, then ride with them first. Put them behind the wheel of a car and the nicest people in the world might become the world’s biggest assholes immediately, like Jekyll changing his hide. This is better then a Rorschach test.