Thais are marketing maniacs.

If you don’t believe me, go look in the psychology department of a local bookstore. You might find Tony Robbins or some erroneous zones, but certainly no Skinner, maybe something old but definitely nothing Jung, maybe some Farang named Floyd, but definitely not Freud. It’s all marketing. The local supermarket raises and lowers prices constantly, obviously not in response to changing costs, but to see at what price they max out their profit, or else just to catch some customers off guard buying a product out of habit without checking the price. Or so I assume. Otherwise they’re just berserk. Welcome to Thailand. Given the average Thai person’s math skills, you could certainly trick a few, for example, by charging more per unit of measurement for a large package than a smaller one, simply because people would expect the opposite. That’s why they require prices to be displayed per unit in America. Thais do it because it works. Invariably, the waiters in the local pizza chain will recommend an unadvertised ‘special’ with hastily blurted details that can’t be confirmed until it’s on your plate. Thais will order it every time. The Asian economic miracle, capitalist or communist, is built on the quiescence of its labor force. There are no strikes here, never have been and never will be. Hell of a miracle. If that’s a miracle, then I’m a prophet, complete with profit. Maybe they’re better off in this trickle-down system, or maybe not. They’re probably better off as long as they specialize in it. If everybody specialized in it, then the competitive advantage wouldn’t be so special, and maybe nobody would be getting ahead, though guys might be getting more of it. Asia is the future, like it or not, human beans in little I-pods. Western individualism is a relic of a bygone era, cowboys and Indians with eyeliner and purple sunsets with orange highlights.