Immaculate Conception my ass;

more like Brilliant Idea on Mary’s part, I reckon. Joseph never went to Thailand, so he doesn’t know how this works. Somebody else has all the fun and he gets stuck with the bill. The poor guy didn’t even have money for a camel. I guess the Romans didn’t let much military technology get into the hands of Jews right about then. I guess they were still a novelty then, too. Camels were the last major animal to be domesticated. Ancient Egypt didn’t have them. Muhammad did. I digress. A massage girl did that to me once, a good girl mind you, not a prostitute. Well, she cozies up to me all of a sudden as if it were waiting to happen all along. For better or worse, I had to leave the country within the week, so no time to get serious (Th. see liat), put it in the oven and set the timer. Well, when I got back a couple months later, she was round as a beach ball. Judging the dates, I’d saw she definitely knew she was pregnant when she all of a sudden became attracted to me. What kind of protection do you wear against this?