In Thailand refrigerators are more like crispers,

coolers, or cupboards than food preservation devices. Potato chips go straight into the refrigerator, while fresh eggs might never. Tang and her son Jeng frequently eat something sweet before a meal, following up with potato chips afterward. Leftovers go straight into the pie-safe (remember those? Neither do I, but all my exes were antique buffs), never a fridge. Did I mention that Tang had TB when I met her? I’ve accused her of looking for a Farang to take care of her family after her imminent death, but she denies it. Fortunately, with Farangs come cures. I spent one hour on the Internet and correctly diagnosed what three Thai doctors had missed. She’s now had enough AIDS tests to last a lifetime, though. Thais like easy answers, magic pills that cure everything, at once and forever.