Ignorance that acknowledges itself is not so ignorant after all.

It’s the ignorance pretending to be intelligence that’s truly dangerous, sometimes life-threateningly so. INTENT is the difference between mindlessness and ignorance, prescendence and transcendence. Roger says he’s the smartest person here, mostly to spite me of course, but bookishly intelligent enough, to be sure. When it comes to living a life, though, you’d be hard pressed to find someone stupider, complete with bankruptcy, the whole works, all THEIR fault, of course, and he’s not even a conspiracy person. He’s a freeloader. When you become a friend with Roger, there’s no doubt about who’s treating whom. When the little Thai girl, or whatever she is, dumped him, I think it injured his ego more than his heart. Though neither he nor the others would ever admit to it, how can you truly forge a marriage with someone you’ve never had a real conversation with? That, of course, is the problem with all marriages of convenience. They make up with money what they lack in understanding. Welcome to Thailand.