Desperate housewifery is still alive and well in Thailand.

It’s a fairy tale, husbands going to work and wives staying at home. Many even have maids, supplied from the legions of illegals from the neighboring pathetic countries and hill-tribes from within the country who exist without citizenship. In Thailand to have citizenship someone’s got to own a house that’s legal and registered. Anything official, from buying a car to registering a kid at school, has to be accompanied by a house registration form, which presumably form a paper trail to time immemorial. If you don’t have one, you have to show relationship to someone who does. Immigrant Chinese seem to get special consideration. Hill-tribes don’t, notwithstanding Thailand’s own tribal roots, always in cahoots with Chinese merchants. Thais don’t acknowledge their tribal roots, despite the presence of tribal Thais to this day, speaking languages mutually comprehensible. Even Laos curse local ‘black’ Tais as if they were talking about a lower form of life, their first cousins only one step removed. Tang doesn’t believe that there are no housewives in America, any more than she believes that parents might support their children until late in life. In a developing country, it’s the opposite. Kids support the parents in old age. Resident Westerners in Thailand have got the fairy tale ending to their story, but it’s the Chinese Thais who’ve got the killer deal. Farangs have no rights; Chinese do, and after a generation, Chinese ‘become’ Thai, and have full rights and economic potential. They know how to manage their money, too, so succeed rapidly. After a full generation, most Farang half-breeds probably have full rights, too. We’ll see if firewalls get erected to prevent a bedroom-door full-Farang ‘takeover’.