Did the passive society create Buddhism

or did Buddhism create the passive society? Certainly the two go hand in hand in Thailand. Whether it’s been to their long-term benefit is another question. It’s interesting to compare Thailand and Vietnam, with similar geographical and historical backgrounds. They’ve both occupied virtually the same region for at least the last two thousand years, Vietnam long an explicit colony of China. Though Thailand’s history is far murkier, they, too, received heavy influence from China, before ultimately rejecting it. Both were militant and heavily expansionist half a millennium ago until the arrival of the Europeans. Thailand could see the writing on the wall and co-operated, even giving up land to the French and British in exchange for sovereignty. They are now one of Asia’s newest ‘tigers’ and are steadily moving out of the ranks of the unemployed Third World poor. Vietnam caused problems, over and over and over. They are now one of the poorest countries in the world. How do you spell ‘dignity’ anyway?