The smile of a sheep-killing dog defines the Bush administration,

the look of a pampered pet thinking he’s getting away with something. Hey, it’s hard ruling the world, very hard. It has to be hard for proper penetration. America’s got her hands in too many pies, her fingers in too many tight spots. You can’t control everything everywhere all the time. It’s simply not possible. The harder she tries, simply the more resentment she engenders. It’s always better to lead by example. Truth, beauty, and goodness will always be attractive. Lies, coercion, and evil will never be. The end result will be the same regardless, justice seeking a path to the light, regardless of how much turbulence has to be endured in the process. Injustice is simply not a workable system in the long run. Truth stands there like a monument to the future, a leather-bound book, a cruel teacher with cane in hand ready to force compliance. Still it works, just like good old-fashioned punishment, forcing the unrighteous into submission.