America is still a largely rural nation,

about 70%, in sharp contrast to much of Europe, where the figure is not only 90%, but it’s been that way for a hundred years. Only Portugal remains predominantly rural. As much as I like country life, cities tend to be more liberal and tolerant. I suppose a good compromise is small cities, with countryside nearby for commuting when necessary. That’s what I’ve always preferred, actually. Who wants to live out in the middle of nowhere with no access to the amenities of culture? The states that rejected George W. in 2004 rim the East and West coasts where the cities are. The Pacific Northwest is as politically progressive as any place in the world, environmentalist and independent. It has been called the “last bastion of the terminally hip”. There’s worse insults, I suppose, worse than being accused of having ideals and caring about preserving them. Maybe some of the affectations are a bit dated, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it, except for the drugs, that is. There’s plenty wrong with that. The ideals may not solve anything, just as it didn’t in Vietnam, but they help us re-define ourselves and our direction as a society. If Congress re-instates the draft, then the shit will really hit the fan. The 60’s protests weren’t really about the war, after all; they were about the draft. Selfish interest can always accomplish far more than abstract ideals. George W. may just re-kindle the whole movement with his fascist attitude. Many of us wouldn’t mind “one more time” and the kids might love it. We just need a Nixon to unite against.