This is the Bible; this is a new millennium; this is WWIII. Populations are in movement all over the globe to avoid the axe, to avoid the sword, to avoid the inevitable. This is the war to end all wars. This is slow-motion Apocalypse, the first to be televised. This is the year of the virus, DNA carefully packaged in Trojan horses. This is the race to end all races. Jihad rears its ugly head like a ghost from the past, Saladin riding a gilded stallion, forcing the infidels into submission, showing mercy to the repentant. The One God is a jealous God. His three grandsons fight for favor in his eye, Ariel, George, and Osama taking up where Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad left off, jockeying for position in a world growing smaller by the day. Abraham’s house long divided between Jesus’s many children and Muhammad’s brotherhood of the sword, Moses wants nothing more in his old age than his childhood room with a view after years of travel and homelessness. Sibling rivalry for the Father’s favors begins at home.