Money is dirty. Money is addictive. Keep it under wraps. Keep it in your pants. Use it but don’t show it. Do your dirty deals down dark alleys. Money invariably leads to the hard stuff, oil and guns. Money is a medium that leads to extremes. In the hands of humans any extra is inevitably gambled on a fixed outcome with a fixed income. The dealer always wins. The house never loses. Like any good virus, its only purpose is to reproduce itself. If left to its own devices, money reproduces itself faster than bacteria, the black magic of numbers come to life and spreading like kudzu. Money lay there for years inert and lifeless until someone discovered that powers of ten and numerical place notation could make someone wealthy. Like sound amplifying through reverberation, money gets larger every time it changes hands, every time it shows up in someone’s books. All parties with interest get a piece of the action, a blip on the screen where two particles collided and something was given off. The squiggle on the screen is our only proof of the entity’s existence. Money is the measure of motion. If you hold it, then it evaporates with inflation. The thing itself only has worth during a depression, but that’s too depressing. Suspension of disbelief is essential; confidence is the foundation upon which a house of cards is built. Suspension of disbelief is the crucial test of any good movie. It also applies to ‘real life’. If you’re aware of the fact that those are actors acting, then the movie’s a failure. If you think they’re just making it all up, then the story’s already riddled with more holes than can be filled.