The medium is the message: MONEY, dragging us all down to its own pathetic level of 0’s and 1’s for ease of computation and digital logic. Its best defense is a good offense, get there first with the most and close the door behind. Share the monopoly board with your arranged marriage partner. The dirtiest most untouchable thing in the Dark Age of religion now grabs us by our genitalia and leads us down dark alleys with weird characters. Chinese pictographs and ancient petroglyphs are scrawled on walls in a conspiracy of silence, telling us what we already know in a language we’ve long forgotten. Muslims got the male suicidal death wish down pat: me against my brother, me and my brother against our father; the three of us against our neighbor. OK, love your neighbor in a nod to Jesus as the next to last prophet to actually turn a profit, but forget the others and their other brothers. So on and so forth, relationships’ strengths run in inverse proportion to the square of the distance from the source of separation. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, bad cosmetic surgery masquerades as high desert philosophy masking macho misogyny. If you gotta’ put a veil over your wife’s head, why not just try some makeup instead?