Communism did for measures what Napoleon did for measurement. Hamburgers are weighed and measured in Romania, to prevent hamburger corruption, I assume. An iron curtain hides nothing. We all know what you were doing back there, getting shit-faced drunk and acting Chinese, pretending you’d wait out the tides of history to catch a wave into the White House. You don’t become Chinese by reading a book. You gotta’ be born there. Communism is a perversion of Nature everywhere but China, where it’s the nature of perversion. Slavs are still Europeans even if they were slaves and serfs and slow to leave the farm. It’s as if the Lord said “Go forth and divide”, and the rest is history, roads leading to nowhere, and reasons to follow them to their logical conclusions. The urge to merge occurs only in sex and religion. To perceive divisions in the world is human; to perceive unity takes a mystic.