And the Meek will Inherit the Earth

We’ve got bleacher seats for the Apocalypse, a bird’s-eye view of armies of the night, jockeying for position and positioning their jockeys for the final thrust to the nether never lands of the vast Godless underbelly.  Mindless middlemen follow the age-old instinct to put hard things in soft places simply because it is written, simply because it is there.  The things we love most are at the total mercy of the things we love least.  Assholes became rich and powerful by being assholes.  The meek will only inherit an earth that is spent and wasted.  The earth in its youth belongs to the young, the brash, the violent, bullying the hesitant into submission and following the war gods into battle.  Our sons are conscripted into the Janissary Corps and forced to the serve the state, becoming the thing we hate most, in order to ensure its safety.  We can’t destroy the state if our sons are defending it.  Hopefully we’ll get smarter as the Earth gets older and civilization spreads to the countryside, erasing those borders that divide us from ourselves.