British Resolve

I can easily see how the Aztecs and the Mayas maintained vast empires, sure, but the British?  How could they fall so far behind in such a short amount of time?  Britain is a country of brick ovens in an age of glass and steel.  I guess she didn’t have the luxury of being bombed to oblivion and having her conquerors rebuild her.  Britain is a frumpy old lady, down at the heels, shabby and stained, dodgy and doddering.  She’s looking for her glasses, but can’t seem to find them.  She’s fallen down on the floor, and can’t seem to reach her beer.  All of her sons have left her, and the hired help have taken over the house.  This is the price of colonialism- you lose your own mother country in the process.  Just ask Manchuria.  But still Britain is lovable, if a bit of an anachronism, a bunch of drunks fighting over the bones of a rotting carcass.  For me there’s nothing of Britain left but some dark ale-inspired pee strains on my drawers.