DNA of Culture

Caribbean culture seems not altogether different from that of Brazil, while the South American Pacific coast seems like a lost tribe of Europeans still attached to the homeland by memory, and extending into Argentina and Uruguay as if following the lines on a thermometer.  This is the DNA of climate, genetic trails left by temperature choices, the easiest example being the transfer of a division between northern and southern Europe into a similar division in America, albeit with Germans, Irish, and Scandinavians re-mixed back into the Americanized English lot.  The same is true of Italians with their Portuguese and Spanish counterparts.  French go both ways, if they go at all.  The best example might be the Dutch, who colonized the Mediterranean-like coast of South Africa before the native African, but tropical, Bantu-speakers ever felt the need to go that far.  The bananas that sustained their culture and facilitated its rapid expansion, had earlier been introduced from Asia.