Mexicans in the Morning

Whatever it is that makes so many Native Americans obese seems to apply to Mexicans also, at least the border area; at least the women.  Maybe they just can’t digest the sugar.  Statistics for Indian diabetes and Indian obesity seem to parallel each other.  I think there was a study of Pima Indian DNA that proved that they, indeed, do have the ‘fat’ gene.  Of course, Mexicans aren’t exactly Indians, but they’re close.  There were never that many Europeans in Mexico at any one time, but there were enough that their mixed-blood progeny had a better chance of survival than the natives that they largely replaced.  Montezuma’s revenge comes in the form of Mexicans spilling over the border to the US, so that we’ll have mowed lawns, trimmed gardens and clean houses.  They find a convenient corner that serves as the day labor office in areas with Hispanic populations.  Drive by in the morning and cut your deal.