Transvestite Travesty

Transvestite shows are popular the world over, especially Thailand, which is convenient since they have more transvestites than anywhere else.  Many of the shows in other parts of the world are comprised of all-Thai casts, also.  They are a regular feature in such Thai tourist locations as Pattaya and elsewhere.  Of course the real show goes on unofficially, transvestites posing as real girls in dimly lit pick-up bars.  Many end up going home with clients who only find out too late, to their drunken horror, that their cute little pick-up has got a cute little stick-shift that got lost in the shuffle of nickel ads and cheap brochures.  Many hospitals in Thailand have whole sections for sex-change operations, also, which ads a whole new dimension to the phenomenon.  More than one guy has had the existential dilemma of deciding whether to dump the best wife he ever had because she used to be a he.  Ethnic-Tai Laos is the same, just more hidden because of the official Communist party line.  Those parties are boring.  Chinese go by the busloads to the Burmese border just to cross over and see the transvestite shows in mostly-Tai Shan state.  But no, the phenomenon is certainly not limited to the ethnic-Tai arena.  Mexico, for one, has them also.  There they’re called ‘travesty shows’.  Look it up in the OED.