Vietnam is a war, not a country.

They’ve never been at peace with themselves, nor anyone else.  The best thing they have to commend themselves is the fact that they broke free of the yoke of Chinese domination after 1000 years.  That’s significant, though inconclusive as to whether they’ve improved their lot in the process.  Most nations in their position have multiple dialects and genetic relations with displaced neighbors and lost cousins and so forth, but not Vietnam.  They don’t get along with anybody.  They’re at the end of a cultural and linguistic dead end that presumably ties them to the Khmers at some distant point in the past, but acknowledged only as a client state in the present, presumably communicating with each other in either English or French if not Vietnamese.  Korea and Japan are in the same boat, the Asian Mystery, presumably related to each other, but no proven relationships to anyone else, though some inferences can be made.  The Viets’ only distinct relations are the nearby Muong, presumably their aboriginal cousins, living patchwork with aboriginal Tais, Tais in stilt-houses, Muongs on the ground.  If that’s not confusing enough, ‘muong’ itself is a prominent Thai word signifying, alternately, ‘the people’, ‘the city’, or ‘the country’.  Go figure.