Geminis like myself are fond of saying everything’s 50-50,

unsure whether it’s a curse or blessing seeing both sides of every situation. It can be either or both. I’ve modified the equation so that everything’s 51-49 to avoid a stalemate. Once my mate goes stale, then I’m out of here. Geminis can have problems making decisions. It can become a way of life, a complete metaphysical system. Everything’s uncertain, indefinite, undefined. Fortunately I’m Gemini on the Taurus cusp, so if I can ever make a decision, then I can usually run with it. On the positive side, Geminis are highly adaptable to a variety of situations. Just making a simple decision for a Gemini can be like getting a bill passed in Congress. Then you’ve got to get the money allocated. If you ever get lonely, at least you’ve always got someone to talk to.