I should have said all that. I should’ve said that life is suffering and death is returning;

the world is illusion and your thoughts just confusion. I should’ve said that democracy is the worst of the good and the best of the bad, and you only love what you’ve never really had. I should’ve said to love your neighbor as yourself, and leave your heart up on the shelf. Be sure to turn the other cheek, and leave some spare change for the meek. I should’ve said that the sun was at the center and that the earth was not, that the earth was round and that stars were hot. I should have said ‘I think, therefore I am’, and it’s the clothes that make the man. I should’ve said that all objects fall in a vacuum at the same speed, but you’d be hard pressed to know that you weren’t actually accelerating instead. I should have said that species evolve and nature selects. I should’ve said that light, magnetism, and electricity were just different aspects of the same underlying force. I should’ve said that the more you know about the position of a particle in an atom, the less you know about its velocity, not that you’ll ever really know either, nor that it’s really in any specific place to even really know. I should have said that it ain’t over till it’s over, and that’s usually about the time the fat lady sings. I should’ve said that the smallest units of matter were actually multi-flavored quarks for Muster Mark, not the particles themselves, Hell-bent on destruction at the slightest crack in their armor or the slightest disruption in their traditional way of life. I should’ve said that light comes in discrete units, and that maybe love does, too. Hey, wait! I did say that. All the rest has already been said, for better or worse, after much thought and action. There’s no reason to wish I could say other people’s words or do other people’s work. All I know is what I can see in my own viewfinder. The harder I look, the fuzzier it gets. That’s the human uncertainty principle. Relax and enjoy the ride.