Guilt is complex, but there’s no need to get lost in it.

Ultimately it’s an ego trip, to assume that your actions are at the center of events that surround you. Events have a life of their own, irrespective of your own attachment to them. I prefer guilt trips; they’re more fun. Guilt trips get a bum rap. People fail to appreciate their finer implications. They keep you honest. They work with or without a God, essentially meaning to simply do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Sounds like sex. Or if you prefer Confucius, not doing unto others what you don’t want them doing to you. Sounds like marriage. If everybody felt guilt, then there’d be no need for an omnipotent God to lower the boom of eternal damnation. There’d probably not even be a boom of eternal damnation to lower in the first place. It seems a very human need to exist in subordinate relationship to a God, and I suspect a good one, otherwise egos expand to fill every available empty space, and you know what that’s like. God is a source of endless speculation, and essentially you can make him to order. That’s the beauty of it.