When hippies flooded into India during the 60’s,

the Indo-European migration came full circle, complete with epicycles. Not only did the original tribes expand from some unknown center reaching India and Europe, but Gypsies changed their minds and went to Europe from India. Then, of course, the hippies left their tracks and traces, albeit more symbolically than numerically, going to India from Europe. The original language spread even farther than the people themselves, Sanskrit splitting into as many languages or more than its Roman cousin and spreading vocabulary even farther into the South Pacific. Unfortunately oil and water are slow to mix, but seem content to languish in their potential for a spicy vinaigrette, or, in other words, racism. Any pretense to some other social distinction is pure fiction. India’s caste system is based on skin color, pure and simple, as if that were some sort of genetic threshold. I suspect it has more to do with solar exposure than pure genetics, regardless. Thus the original Dravidian-speaking inhabitants were pushed further south and further down the social stratum in favor of the Aryan newcomers, a system which will likely continue into eternity.