Bangkok is a monster, one of the world’s new mega-cities.

It’s got all the bad things that go with a big city, and very few of the good. I suppose a lot of Thais without extensive families appreciate the strength in numbers. Thais are scared of ghosts, of their shadows, and ultimately, themselves. The most horrible thing in the world for a Thai is to be alone. When Thais travel, it isn’t a question of how many people go along, it’s a question of how many cars go along. But even though Bangkok is a huge and growing city, Thais tend to not pull up roots to move there. They maintain their roots ‘back home’ even if they don’t live there. If an American went back ‘home’, there’d probably be no one there, not even his parents. Some places are still like that in America, poorer places mostly, but not much. Thailand is changing, too, what with smaller families now.