I’m not here to pop bubbles;

I’m here to blow them. Henry Miller and William Burroughs were products of their times, the best of their batch in my opinion. In 1934 we needed a prolonged insult, a spit in the face of Art, a kick to the ass of God, Man, Destiny, Time, Art, and Beauty, just like we needed Cubism. In 1959 we needed to see ourselves turned inside out, our worst nightmares become reality, just like we needed Abstract Expressionism. We don’t need that right now. My heroes have succeeded in tearing down the old walls that confined us. Now we need to build some new ones on new foundations. We live in a different time and I have a different mission. I want to restore Truth, Beauty, and Goodness to our lives, before it’s too late. Things are too crazy. The planet will survive, but people may not, especially in a civilized form with culture and language. We take it all for granted, the culture that took thousands of years to accumulate, the life that took millions to evolve. It could all disappear in a puff of smoke, with the strike of a match.